Development Services

    Avenue Commercial Real Estate has successfully partnered and fee developed commercial real estate projects throughout Oklahoma. Avenue provides comprehensive "ground-to-income" project solutions, including master planning, city negotiations, variance pursuit, lender project packages, bid packages, proforma, and detailed timelines.   

    Project Examples:

    Single Project Examples:

    - 7500 S. Santa Fe Avenue, OK:  This was a physically tired low rent paint store, under-leased, under-parked, and up for renewal.  High end retail renovation designed, municipal parking variances obtained, 100% pre-leased, and renovated building delivered with national credit retail tenants on 10 year leases.

    - 510 Telephone Road, OK:  Insurance payment at-risk due to previous developer's delays.  Demo, design, & construction needed within 6 months.   Property plans prepared, approved, and construction delivered for owner per owner's insurance requirements.

    Master Planned Project Example: 


    80 Acres of land in a competitive developing area comprised of raw land, detention issues, mixed zoning, insufficient utility service, and demised by a mobile home park with public relations exposure.  Land sold to Oklahoma's most respected multi-family developer Owasso Land Trust (with cooperating detention solutions), vacations and re-zoning executed, utility contracts negotiated, mobile home park closed and residents relocation service, land sold to anchors Winco, At-Home, City of Moore, with premium a signalized light parcel reserved for junior box development, two land leases executed, three multi-tenant and a single tenant buildings successfully delivered.

    - 631 SW 19th, OK:   Emerging market agricultural land lacking utilities, detention, with access issues due to westerly development granted too many curb cuts.  Negotiated comprehensive access plan with city, utilities plans developed, property zoned, and 100% pre-leased.

    - 741 SW 19th, OK:   Former Mobile Home Park land:  re-zoned, master-planned, build to suit 20 year lease to Goodwill of Oklahoma.

    - 761 SW 19th, OK:   Mature market land: designed in master plan, developed, constructed with a 4 month delivery, 100% pre-leased.

    - 711 SW 19th, Ok:    Mature market land, designed in master plan, developed, 100% pre-leased with additional ATM income designed and pre-planned.